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Q 1

What is the purpose of the WALK FOR LIFE?
The WALK FOR LIFE is an event through which general public can express their determination to fight the curse of cancer  and express solidarity with those facing cancer in our society by walking or running and making a small contribution to the work of CanSupport.

Q 2

How will the WALK FOR LIFE generate awareness of cancer? 
If a large number of people turn out to walk or run it will attract the attention of the media who will report it in the press and on National TV. It will thereby provide an opportunity to showcase people who have had cancer and are now well which will in turn encourage people to have regular checkups and catch cancer early. Interviews with representatives of CanSupport will also help explain the work being done by CanSupport so that more people can avail of its free of charge services and call the helpline to answer any of their queries.

Q 3

How can I join the WALK FOR LIFE? 
Only registered participants will be permitted to join the event. Security personnel will be on hand to prevent unauthorized entry.

Q 4

How to Register?
Register at the CanSupport office, 9:30am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday.Log on to www.walkforlifeindia.org or www.cansupport.org and register online to Walk or Run. You may also register at the venue on the day of the Walk between 8.00am to 9:00 am.

Q 5

Want to raise funds?
Special pledge forms are available from our office. Have friends, family, colleagues and local businesses sponsor your participation and help us make this our best Walk ever!

Q 6

 Is it safe for ladies and young children to join in?
The event is perfectly safe for ladies, children and elderly people to participate in. The route will be cordoned off from traffic by security and police personnel; medical teams and an ambulance will be kept in readiness in case of need.

Q 7

What about medical arrangements? 
Ambulance services will be available at the venue to handle emergencies. HOWEVER PARTICIPANTS ARE ADVISED IN THEIR OWN BEST INTERESTS TO SEEK ADVICE FROM THEIR PERSONAL PHYSICIAN/ DOCTOR BEFORE PARTICIPATING IN CASE THEY SUFFER FROM ANY SPECIAL CONDITION (for example: heart condition, pain in the chest, dizziness, fainting, joint problems, blood pressure, pregnancy, diabetes, recent surgery, etc.) THAT WOULD PROHIBIT RUNNING OR WALKING

Q 8

Is there an Entry Ticket to enter the venue? 
Yes. Participants must show their personal RECEIPT-COUPON, OBTAINED AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION, at the entry point on the day of the Walk, as this serves as an entry pass. Receipts are given after completion of the registration process and receipt of fees. 

Q 9

How much is the Registration Fee?
Adults (including those walking in groups) Rs 300 per person
Students below 18 years of age (with valid ID) Rs 200 per student
Children below 10 years of age free (without T-shirt)

Q 10

 What will I get on registration?
All the registered participants will get a kit which include a T-shirt.

Q 11
Which are the nearest Metro Stations?
The nearest Metro stations is Central Secretariat.

Q 12
I will be arriving by metro, taxi or by foot. What is the entry point to the holding ground?
The junction point of Akbar Road & Mansingh Road will be open for entry for those arriving by metro, taxi or by foot.
Q 13
I will be arriving by car. Where can I park my car?
Parking is available on radial of C-Hexagon India Gate Tilak Marg, Zakir Husain, Shahjahan Road, Copernicus Marg, Bhairon Marg, Sunheri Marg



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