About Pledges
As a participant in the Walk for Life, you can raise donations for CanSupport by asking people to pledge sums of money. CanSupport has made special Pledge Forms that can be downloaded or collected in person from the office on any working day. The people who raise amounts of Rs.50,000 and above will be eligible to participate in a draw and win attractive prizes.
Tips On Raising Pledges

Pledges may be of any amount. We share with you some tips that people have used to raise pledges:

  1. Set a personal pledge goal. For example, “I wish to raise Rs.1 lakh in pledges for CanSupport.”
  2. Let your sponsors know that donations to CanSupport are 50% tax deductible.
  3. Tell sponsors that the money raised will be used to provide free care to cancer patients. Learn more
  4. Email your entire contact list and ask them to sponsor you.
  5. Don’t forget to ask family and friends who live out of town as well.